Enormous Ideas for a Container Garden

The idea of container gardening is one of the most flexible and effective gardening options for those living in the city and with limited space or land. It involves selecting plants, preparing the potting mixture, and choosing correct pots. If you are about to start your own container garden, this article will surely help you. Read along and discover more.

When we speak of container gardening, it refers to the growing vegetables, herbs, and flowers in containers and pots. Thus, it is necessary to have a huge area of garden to practice this type of gardening properly. On the contrary, a small balcony or patio is also an option as you decorate the area with healthy vegetables and attractive flowers. Container gardening is also an element of indoor gardening, thus it is also a great option for those people living in crowded residential areas. It is a beneficial option as well for people who live in area with problematic soil and limited accessibility. The mobility of container plants provides variety of options for gardeners when it comes to garden arrangements, designs, and layouts.

The ideas for container gardening are countless. Any kind of container or pot can be used in container garden as long as it can hold the soil. As you select the containers for your plants, make sure that it does not contain toxic paints. Try to avoid the use of wood containers applied with toxic chemicals. Exposing the container plants to optimal sunlight is the basic key; however, sunlight exposure will still depend on the variety or type of your preferred garden plants. In addition, prevent soil water logging on the container plants.

Selecting the container is an important container garden idea. Any containers made of iron; concrete, wood, plastic, and other metals can be used for your garden plants. An unused watering can, bucket, or container can also be used as containers. Even old sneakers or work boots may create appealing features for your container garden. Apart from these household items, you can also buy unique containers such as flowerpots, planter boxes, or hanging baskets from any gardener stores. If you want durability, avoid think plastic containers since it deteriorate faster once exposed to sunlight. It would be best to use glazed ceramic pots with various drainage holes instead. Nevertheless, any type of container will do for your container garden as long as it has drainage holes or wide openings at the bottom area.

Potting soil plays a major role in container gardening. An effective potting mixture will complete your experience in container gardening. Normally, garden soils alone are not an option for a potting mixture because it is heavy to hold. Instead, it is recommended to use prepared potting mixture that consists of farmyard compost, sandy soil, garden soil, and other organic fertilizer. Of course, good drainage and correct watering are necessary for this potting mixture in order to prevent waterlogged soil. Waterlogging of the soil can extremely kill container plants and rot their roots.

Plant options for container gardens are variable. There are vibrant-colored flowers and houseplants that you can choose. Nowadays, most gardeners grow tomatoes, herbs, squash, lettuce, pepper, strawberries, and citrus plants in the containers. Some gardeners prefer who grow seasonal plants in the containers since it can be harvested easily, thus giving chances to other plants in the container garden to grow.